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Linuxcare provides a variety of Technical Service offerings designed to help augment and scale your IT organization. Since 1998 Linuxcare has prided itself on retaining the most talented technical staff in the industry. Hire these amazing administrators, architects, technical writers and other specialists (by the hour) who provide a wide range of IT services, system administration, and other essential datacenter support services.


Let Linuxcare augment your staff at considerable savings as compared to adding local staff. If you have cloud based servers - why not add a few cloud based administrators?


Linuxcare can install, configure, tune, maintain and troubleshoot a wide variety physical and virtual systems. We can help your staff with packages such as web servers, Open Source applications (CRM, Document Management, Blogging, etc.), mail servers, SQL databases, domain name services, directory services, secure networking, and engineer backup solutions. We can advise, and train your own staff on how to best take advantage of Amazon's amazing compute and storage services.




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